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Austin Texas Discus

Discus Striated Cobalt Blue

Discus Striated Cobalt Blue

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Striated Cobalt Blue Discus
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeffrey Branham

I love your discus, and I’ve ordered several from you but three days after the last shipment all three of those discus died

Lynne Ilgaz
Attractive, reasonably priced, and healthy

The blue is quite pronounced. Nonetheless, the discus fish still maintain a reasonably natural look, which I prefer. The red turquoise also have nice (somewhat less pronounced) color with a reasonably natural look. The cobalt blue and red turquoise are my personal favorites, with a slight preference for the cobalt blue.

We ordered seven 2.5 inch discus. One arrived in bad shape and ultimately didn't make it. However, the other six have done very well and are already noticeably larger. They are voracious eaters and came adjusted to dry food. For me, that is huge.

Despite having lost one fish, I am still very pleased. They are very nice fish at a very reasonable price. I have recommended Austen Texas Discus to my brother and would recommend them to others as well.

Alok Kumar
Incredibly beautiful and healthy discus!!!!

Can;t say enough great things about this website. Great prices for amazing fish! I ordered 9 discus(all different types) at 2.5 inches, most of the fish were much bigger. They are raised in tap water on prepared food, they adjusted to the new tank and were eating the very next day. In the past it would take over a week for a new discus to get used to the new tank and start eating. Usually had to start with freeze dried or frozen food and then train them to eat discus bits from tetra, these fish are raised on that and are not picky eaters at all. If you like discus, order from them you won't be disappointed!


Great price


Gorgeous well priced Discus